ELMORE COUNTY -- One of the benefits of Idaho forest fires is the appearance of morel mushrooms, a delicacy enjoyed by many.

Mushroom lovers have been anticipating a bumper crop of morels following the Trinity Ridge Fire that struck the Pine and Featherville areas last summer.

On Wednesday, five people -- including a forest botanist -- kept their eyes peeled all morning to find
one. And that's exactly what was found, one Morel Mushroom. Conditions just aren't right yet.

So far it doesn't really look that great for morels or other mushrooms. We would expect to see them when we have adequate precipitation. We also need warm soil temperatures so it's only been in the last week or two that we've had the warmth. So, we just haven't had the right combination of precipitation and soil temperatures for Morels to come out, said Edna Vizgirdas, forest botanist.

Vizgirdas says maybe June will be a better time to harvest Morels. If you do find some she says, please leave a third so they will continue to propagate. If you're planning to go on the hunt and pick some yourself, you'll need to know about the rules for private and commercial gatherings including designated areas, and you have to have a permit. They're free for private folks, but $300 for commercial pickers.

Click here for more information on mushroom gathering from the Boise National Forest.

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