BOISE -- Flames reportedly damaged two pickups and a passenger car after fire broke out Tuesday morning near 36th and Taft Streets in Boise's north end community.

The incident also knocked out power to about 15 homes after electrical lines were damaged. No one was injured.

Officials say two Ada County Highway District workers sparked the blaze around 10 a.m. while working to seal cracks in the asphalt at the end of Barr Street.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames, but at least one vehicle was completely destroyed.

ACHDChief Information Officer Craig Quintana said a worker with a blow torch somehow ignited several arbor vitae bushes which spread the flames to a wooden fence and then to the vehicles.

The crack seal procedure involves using a thermal torch to blow out debris ... and actually heat up the tar, Quintana said.

Quintana said ACHDis now trying to investigate just how the routine sealing procedure got out of hand.

It's a very rare occurence, but our safety officer is on site looking into it, Quintana said. We're just trying to determine if it was dumb, bad luck, or she was too close to the brush.

As for repairing the damage caused by its workers, Quintana said ACHD's insurance agent had already been on scene gathering information from home and vehicle owners.

We're out here to make it right, Quintana said.

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