BOISE -- Boise's first outdoor gym is scheduled to open at noon Thursday at Ann Morrison Park.

The all-weather equipment will be housed on a green-and-earth-toned cement pad near the BoiseRiver just off 1000 Americana Boulevard. Most of the exercise equipment will be movable, and make use of body-weight resistance.

The Meridian-based fitness company is donating the equipment.

Features includes:

  • leg press
  • horizontal ladder
  • plyo boxes
  • back extension
  • combo press & pull
  • show board
  • pull-up and dip station
  • step & twist
  • parallel bars
  • squat press
  • s-shaped jump bar
  • sit-up board
  • rowing machine
  • multi-bars

The grand opening is free to the public, and is scheduled for noon at the site in Ann Morrison Park.

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