WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Many are questioning just how much progress President Obama has made now that he's 100 days into his second term.

Citing congressional battles over money, immigration, the Boston terror plot, and the conflict in Syria, Obama talked at length about his second term Tuesday.


On Syria, where President Obama says chemical weapon use would be a game changer, the President is still warning of U.S. action.

He says theUnited States isn't standing by and doing nothing. However, before taking additional action Obama said I've got to make sure I've got the facts. That's what the American people would expect.


When it comes to the Boston marathon suspects, the President says the FBI did not drop the ball and Russia is cooperating.

Old habits die hard, Obama said. There's still suspicions between our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that date back 10, 20, 30, years back to the Cold War.

President Obama also commented on the sequester.


He says the deal Congress passed to end FAA furloughs will only ensure more delays in the future because it takes money needed to improve airports. He says he knows he's working in a divided government, but a bigger deal must happen.

You seem to suggest that somehow these folks over there have no responsibilities and that my job is to somehow get them to behave.


While the road ahead looks tough to get things done, President Obama says he's confident an immigration bill will be passed in his second term.

And that's going to be a historic achievement. I've been very complimentary of the efforts of both Republicans and Democrats.


When it comes to the controversial health care law, the President says most of it has already been implemented, he says the only thing that makes putting it into place difficult is the lack of a copor

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