NAMPA -- A 79-year old Nampa woman was awarded a Wish of a Lifetime Tuesday, to go back to her high school reunion in Alabama and bring her two daughters with her.

Patricia Brizee was awarded her wish this afternoon at Karcher Estates.

The organization, Wish of a Lifetime raises money every year to give seniors their wishes.

Brizee's 62nd High School reunion is this weekend and she has always wanted the opportunity to go back to her hometown and show her daughters where she grew up.

They have heard me talk about Alabama all of their lives and my friends who live there. And to have this opportunity to take them and to share it with them, I could have never have done it on my own so this is a wonderful opportunity for us, said Brizee.

Brizee was recently diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease and fears this may be her last reunion she can attend.

Wish of a Lifetime granted 263 wishes in 2012, and 93 percent of recipients have said that they have felt their quality of live improved after their wish was granted.

The organization was founded in 2008 by two-time Olympic skier, World Cup gold medalist, entrepreneur, and former NFL football player Jeremy Bloom in living honor of his grandmother.

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