BOISE --Ninety Idahoans were registered to run in today's Boston Marathon. At this hour, we don't have any reports of injuries among those runners or spectators from Idaho.

Obviously back home here -- we can't help but wonder how our local athletes are doing after those blasts struck the finish line.


Boise's Stephanie Fornander made it through the finish line with her friend Teri Rumps, also of Boise. The two women then met up with their Husbands Mike and Todd. They heard the blasts just moments after clearing the race.

Fornander says the two were just two blocks away, getting their bags and changing clothes after the race. They heard the first blast, but thought perhaps it was a celebratory gun or cannon that fired.Stephanie and Mike say they knew something was wrong when the second blast happened.

...We saw big plumes of smoke were about two blocks away from us and the sirens and all of the ambulances started about two to three minutes later, Stephanie Fornander said.

Fornander says the whole situation is very sad, and this tragic event takes away from the joys of running a marathon, especially one so well known.

The four Boise residents are set to leave Boston early tomorrow morning. However, that could change as investigators are taking all sorts of safety precautions especially around public transportation.


Former KTVB reporter John Miller, who many of you may remember for his Idaho Life reports, also ran the Boston Marathon Monday.

Miller said he was in disbelief and shock over what happened.

He told us it was strange to see pictures of explosive debris at a place where he had just been. Miller also says people were gathered around televisions at the airport listening to the latest news. He said most of them looked to be in shock, because most of them were marathon runners, now considering themselves lucky to be alive.

It's just something that's so shaking, Miller told KTVB over the phone. It just shakes you. It's just such goodwill and just such a great celebration and then something like this, it's just hard to fathom.

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