CALDWELL -- A toddler taken from his home in California and brought to Idaho has been found.

Police say the child's father, Walfre Waldemar Perez, abducted the one-year-old boy from his Hayward, California home Saturday. Perez does not have legal custody of the boy, according to police.

Perez used a phone in Idaho at about 10:00 p.m. Saturday night, but officers were unable to locate him, said Caldwell Police Sgt. Richard Ferrera.

Then, around 8:00 a.m., investigators found Perez's car in a trailer park off Linden Street in Caldwell. Police say when Perez put tried to drive away with the boy in the car, officers were able to pull him over.

Perez was arrested on a felony abduction warrant out of California and was taken to the Canyon County Jail. He's now awaiting extradition to California.

The boy was given food and is doing well, police said.

A Hayward, CA police officer was set to travel to Caldwell to pick up the boy and return him to his mother.

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