BOISE A lot of preparation and planning went into bringing the Davis Cup to Boise and it seems the event was well received.

Over 8,000 fans packed into Taco Bell Arena on the Boise State University Campus, each day for the week-long event.

On Sunday, after all the action was over, the discussion focuses on how it all went. The consensus? Boise was on its game.

I am very pleasantly surprised by Boise, said Serbian Marko Ejuric.

KTVB caught up with Ejuric at the Grove Hotel, where Team Serbia was celebrating after their victory at the Davis Cup Sunday.

I think it was wonderful it was unpredictable and very exciting, said Ejuric. The atmosphere was very friendly, competitive, but friendly and that is always nice and its very good sportsmanship and a very nice to experience.

Building that sportsmanship-like relationship among countries is a goal, according to the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, Desko Nikitovic.

The Davis Cup didn't only serve as a tennis match for athletes but also as some healthy competition between countries.

Unfortunately one team had to win, I wish that we could both win, he said.

Nikitovic spent time with Boise leaders like Mayor Dave Bieter during his time in Boise.

We had a very nice substantive discussion and exchanges about Boise and about Idaho (and) about the Serbian community, so I have to tell you I am extremely pleased, said Nikitovic.

That kind of Boise hospitality was felt by the players as well.

Sunday after his victory match, the world s number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, told reporters about how his team got their fill of what Idaho is really famous for, potatoes.

That is what we heard Boise is most famous for, so we got to experience the different kinds of potatoes, said Djokovic.

Now with the reviews for Boise ranked so high from the international guests, if another Davis Cup tournament arrives in Idaho, it seems the fans will follow.

If the Davis Cup is here for sure, said Ejuric. Other than that I say probably I would come back just to visit Boise in a different setting.

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