BOISE -- This warm weather has many wondering when you will be able to turn the sprinklers on and water your lawn.

Managers of the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District say they will launch the irrigation season on April 8th.

Once the headgates are open near Barber Park it will take a few days to fill some 500 miles of canals.

Water Superintendent Greg Curtis says the district is monitoring the water levels very closely because of a lack of snowpack. He says they may have to use stored water in Arrow Rock and Anderson Ranch reservoirs much sooner than in the past few years.

I am hopeful we will have a normal irrigation year but we really just don't know at this point so we are monitoring the situation daily. We do have carryover water from last year available but what we really need is precipitation and another good storm in the mountains that can top off the reservoirs just to be sure, Curtis said.

Water usually reaches all users by mid-April and will flow in the system until early October.

Managers are also reminding the public of the dangers of irrigation season.

Irrigation canals are attractive to young people because of the flowing water. But canals are inherently dangerous and especially for children because the water is deep, very cold and fast flowing. If a child falls in, it is almost impossible for them to get out, even if they can swim, Curtis said.

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