BOISE -- Boise Police say check your bank statements after two credit card skimmers were found at a Boise gas station Monday.

Police did not specify which gas station the devices were found at.

Police say a manager of a gas station not far off of Interstate 84 notified them of the devices. The manager then told officers that a technician found the two skimmers as he was working to repair the gas pumps after they malfunctioned.

According to police, it is unknown at this time if anyone's cards have been compromised, and the skimmers have been turned over to United States Secret Service Agents.

Police say that information given to them is similar to other skimming devices that have also found at gas stations outside of Boise.

A skimmer is a device designed to steal your financial data often used at a gas station pump or an ATM machine.

The FBI says to avoid being skimmed:

  • Inspect the card reader-- and make sure you don't see anything loose, crooked, or damaged.
  • Block you PIN from any hidden cameras.
  • And if possible, use an ATM at an inside location, where it's harder for thieves to get to.
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