BOISE-- As the 2013 ski season slides to a close, Bogus Basin isn't exactly celebrating financial success.

That's because for the second year in a row, visits to the mountain recreation area have fallen to about 80% of average.

Bogus' Operations Director AlanMoore says another low snow year is responsible.

Moore says he predicts 2013's seasonal attendance will reach roughly 240,000 guests. Moore says last year's attendance was 235,000. The average for Bogus has been about 300,000 per year in the last decade.

Still, Moore says 240,000 skiers and snowboarders is a lot.

That's not a trivial number, Moore said. Thankfully, the folks in this community came to enjoy their mountain.


However, the decreased attendance means financially, Bogus is facing challenges. For example,Moore says 2013's preseason pass sale netted $3.2 million. That's compared to $4 million during 2012's preseason pass sale.

That's not to say Bogus isn't making money. Moore says the mountain is just fine, but won't be making any large capital expenditures next year.

The last couple years we've been running pretty lean, and we'll continue to do that, Moore told KTVB.


One bright spot: while Bogus was open only 82 days in 2012, Moore says the mountain will be able to operate another 13 days in 2013, squeaking out just over three months of winter operations. The plan is to close up shop on Easter Sunday, March 31st.

However, Moore says pending additional snowfall, the mountain could stay open on weekends after that.

Bogus Basin has averaged about 118 days open since 1998 - 1999. The longest season was 2010 - 2011 at 137 days. The shortest season was 2011-2012 at 82 days.

Two inches of fresh snow fell on Bogus Tuesday morning. Check the ski area's snow report here.

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