BOISE -- Boise State University announced Monday that it is building a business garden in the form of a new college in the capital city in hopes of growing a better business community in Idaho.

President Bob Kustra made the announcement of BSU's new Venture College Monday afternoon in front of business leaders and students who are hoping to be accepted.

The idea is to allow students an opportunity to compete for start-up funds for their business idea, and then have local business executives help them get that idea off that ground and into the market.

The goal is to launch a new business from a non-traditional college model.

You're working with mentors, practitioners who have actually done it. It's gonna be a great experience for these young men and women who will volunteer to be the first class of the Venture College of 2013, said Kustra.

I'm actually from another state, came to Boise and the sense of community and involvement that I've gotten since I became a member at BSU has been amazing and it's made me want to stay after I graduate to give back to the community that given so much to the school, said Matthew Summers who is applying to Venture College.

Local business leaders called Venture Angels will help guide the program which will include over a dozen students in the fall session, and there are plans to increase that to over 50 students in the coming years.

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