BOISE -- Three high school students were honored Tuesday night after they helped rescue an injured runner in the foothills.

Emily Coleman, Micah Drew, and Adam Young were honored at a special ceremony at the Eagle Fire Station No. 1.

It was back in December when a woman broke her leg while running -- and was stranded in the foothills.

Leslee Hoover was running with her large dog on Saturday, December 1st when the accident happened.

Hoover says she actually tripped over her 92-pound lab-pitbull mix who had become spooked and stopped on the trail.The impact broke her leg.

She lay stunned on the trail, then called 911 for help. That's when the trio of teenage first responders appeared.

The students came and kind of took over... Hoover said. Micah ran back to help the EMT's find my, Emily helped with the dog, and Adam literally gave me the shirt off his back.

EMT's were eventualy able to locate and help Hoover.

Four months later, Hoover has a big thank you for the teens.

First of all, thank you guys so much. I'm standing and walking today because of you guys, thank you so much, Hoover said.

Aside from their firefighter awards, the teens were also given plaques and water bottles for their kindness.

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