BOISE -- Women and girls in the Treasure Valley take to the skies as part of a national event. Women is Aviation's Fly it Forward event aimed to get girls in the skies, and interested in aviation as a career.

Everyone we saw come in from their flight had a big smile on their face. There's no telling how many of those girls will become pilots, but many said they had a fun time.

Women at Fly It Forward got a free ride in a Cessna.

They are just taking younger girls and younger women out in the air to try to get them interested in aviation, because there's very few women actually in the aviation field, said Kayla Kailiponi, who came with her little sister.

Event organizer and female pilot Sharki Kontra says about 6% of pilots are female. She hopes more girls were inspired Saturday to join their ranks.

Twelve-year-old Kenzie Hoynacki was on the last flight of the day.

My step-dad was always talking about how great it was, how great it feels to fly. And I wanted to feel that feeling, she said.

Not even the bumps could get to her up in the air. She said Saturday's flight made her want to be a pilot even more.

It's incredible, it's just pure adrenaline. It's so fun, said Hoynacki. It's just the feeling of, kind of like freedom. You get a taste of that feeling. It's just...I can't explain it. It's awesome.

Someday soon, organizers hope more girls like Kenzie will be heading toward the skies.

About 75 girls got the chance to go on a short flight around Boise and over Bronco Stadium Saturday.

This is part of a national celebration, but the one today in Boise was the only one in Idaho. The nearest celebration to this was in Salt Lake City.

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