Marijuana is legal in Washington, but not for everyone. Several students have been excluded from classes at Hudtloft Middle School after bringing brownies to school yesterday, according to a school district spokesperson.

The spokesperson from the Clover Park School District said the district doesn't know what was in the brownies, but they believe it was marijuana.

Lakewood police believe one student brought the brownies to school and shared it with as many as seven students.

No one was seriously affected. The nurse checked out all of the kids and the school contacted parents of everyone who was involved.

The district said more than one student had been excluded from school because they knew what they were sharing with their classmates.

According to 14-year-old Heather Zacher, about five students tried the brownies, which were apparently passed around her AP Algebra class.

I know one person got really sick, said Zacher.

Zacher thought the students who tried the brownies did not know they might have marijuana in them. She said the three students who brought the brownies should get in trouble.

I think it was really stupid and it's not worth risking people's safety over a stupid prank, said Zacher.

The parents should be held accountable, said Nadir Akbar, who has a niece at the school but had not heard about the incident.

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