BOISE -- It's a big change to your mail delivery -- letters will no longer be picked up or dropped off at your mailbox on Saturday.

U.S. Postmaster General Pat Donahoe made the announcement Wednesday, saying this change will save about $2 billion a year.

Most people we talked to coming and going from the post office in Boise tell us they really won't be affected by this plan.

But some say it's a service they're used to, and one that shouldn't be cut.

We will continue to mail letters to post office boxes on Saturday, which is very important for a number of businesses. Mail delivery will occur Monday through Friday and we will not deliver, nor collect mail on Saturday, said Donahoe.

That means letters and bills won't be delivered to your home on Saturdays, just packages.

It's a decision many support.

I think it's marvelous, it gives them back what they need, saves money, said Laura Doyle.

I thought they should have done it a long time ago, there's nothing that comes on Saturday that I can't get on Monday, said Bill Knudsen.

No problem, I don't usually even bother checking my mail on Saturday, it will be there on Monday, said Jimmy Hadder.

But others appreciate getting their mail on Saturday and don't want to see it stop.

I think there are a lot of other things they could do to streamline their operation and clean it up, said Bob Lindner. He believes it will hurt businesses.

I think it may hurt their cash flow push them out a day on their receipts, just make things more difficult, says Lindner.

Other postal services like the Postal Annex tell us they don't think the change will impact their business.

Postal Annex owner Nancy Rotman says it could be the best way to improve the Postal Service's financial footing. They do a good job and have a lot of mail to carry, so if this makes it more profitable for them, that's the way to go, said Rotman.

One thing that won't change -- service at post office locations.

If they're already open on Saturdays, they will stay that way.

We're told post office box deliveries will continue on Saturdays as well.

The five-day delivery plan will begin on Aug. 5.

Even though the Postal Service is an independent agency, it will have to get congressional approval for this change.

The Postal Service says they lost nearly $16 billion last year.

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