BOISE A murder case remains open after six months, but Boise Police detectives say they are actively working every day to close it.

Police investigations have to be very methodical, very thorough, said Boise Police spokesperson Lynn Hightower.

We are talking about a very detailed crime scene and a very horrific crime, she said.

Hightower is referring to the case involving Phyllis Ward. Back in July, the 74-year-old widow was found bludgeoned to death inside her Boise home after it caught fire.

For months, Boise Police s most experienced detectives have been working the case. Hightower said they do have leads in the case, but nothing substantial enough to make an arrest.

It may take more time, but it s a case where they deserve justice and the detectives are trying to find it, said Hightower.

The wait is especially hard for the family members, neighbors and friends of Phyllis Ward.

Not a day goes by that Helen Leeper doesn't think about her friend Phyllis.

We just had this connection. It was so nice, said Leeper. I was a wreck for about a week or so before I could pull it together, she said referring to learning of her death back in July.

She said they met years ago and their connection stuck.

Phyllis was a very friendly outgoing person and cared about people, cared about her family, she said.

Monday, Leeper spent time looking through a few old pictures of her and Ward, wondering where officers are at with the investigation.

Somebody did this, and it was on the news for a couple of weeks and then that was it, said Leeper.

For, friends it's frustrating, she said.

Leeper remembers visiting Ward s home, the historic Randolph house on the Boise Bench.

She loved antiques, collected antiques her house was like a museum, she said.

She loved her flower gardens. That house in the summer time was like a bloom factory, Leeper added.

Although months have gone by, she remains hopeful that detectives will find who killed Phyllis Ward and bring that person to justice.

It s hard for people who are waiting. There is no closure, said Leeper.

Hightower said there is no evidence that the community is in any danger, however the suspect is still out there.

If you know anything, police ask you to call Crimestoppers at 343-COPS.

In the past 10 years, the Boise Police Department has had 37 homicide cases. Only three of those are still open, including Ward's.

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