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GARDEN CITY -- During his off-time, engineer Jason Giard is a snow aficionado.

He's got scruples for quantity, quality and, of course, style.

So, whenever the snow is deep enough and the weather is sticky enough, Giard makes a big snowman.

We're talking a really big snowman.

You see, Giard's colossal creation is about as tall as his home.

It's so big, that he had to patrol the neighborhood for enough building material, and shovel the snow into his pickup.

Yeah, we got this cul-de-sac here, and we've got 16 houses and we get it from all their driveways, Giard told KTVB.

Facing a shortage, Giard even had to make a run to St. Luke's in Meridian to complete Frosty's giant head.

His mega snowman wears a hat fashioned from a garbage can, and sports a broom made of cattails. His eyes are plastic buckets, and his nose is a traffic cone. Not to be outdone in the fashion department, Giard uses oil pans for the big boy's buttons.

Giard tries to build these colossal creations whenever enough snow falls in the Treasure Valley.

Most of the work is hauling the snow for the snowman, then you have to have a good day that's warm enough so you can build the snowman, Giard says.

If you want to check out this frozen spectacle for yourself, just cruise over to 6191 N. Bandon Place in Garden City.

You really can't miss it.

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