BOISE -- Some students at a Boise elementary school were not allowed to walk home this afternoon due to the report of fight at a home near the school that may have involved a weapon.

Boise School District spokesman Dan Hollar says Liberty Elementary School was put in lockdown around 3:20 p.m., just as school was letting out for the day. The buses had already left, but children who walk home were brought back to school and were able to call their parents to come pick them up.

Liberty Elementary School is located at 1740 E. Bergeson Street in Boise.

Boise Police says initial reports were of a fight between two men and a female at a residence in the 3600 block of Law Street, just down the street from the school. A weapon may have been involved so police notified the school of the incident for safety reasons.

Police say they have identified those involved and are investigating to determine what took place. They have cleared the scene.

No roads in the area were closed during this incident.

Hollar say shortly after 4 p.m. the lockdown at the school was lifted.

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