ADA COUNTY -- The weather we have seen this month continues to cause problems for drivers.

The Ada County Highway District said it has been a very busy start to 2013. First it was snow and ice, and now potholes.

The freeze and thaw cycle we've experienced these past few weeks, has caused a lot of potholes to pop up.

Craig Quintana with ACHD says spring is the normal pot hole season, but they are seeing them earlier than usual this year. We caught crews out today patching up a pothole at Fort and State streets.

This year, ACHD has a new machine that allows them to do permanent fixes during the winter, instead of waiting until later when the asphalt plants open. Quintana expects potholes to keep crews busy.

On any kind of given winter we expend about $900,000 dollars on winter maintenance. This year, bills are still coming in. We're still getting overtime from what our crews worked earlier this week. said Quintana. But we think we've expended about that much right now, and we're going to be well north of a million dollar winter in maintenance effort just within the next couple of weeks.

Fixing po holes comes out of ACHD's maintenance budget. Winter is the first season in their fiscal year, so if they have a particularly expensive winter, like this one, they can adjust things as the year goes along.

If you see a pothole, you can let ACHD know by emailing them at or calling 208-387-6100. Quintana said they will try to get out there in 24 hours.

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