Seattle Goodwill has donated a beaded Native American men's vest to Burke Museum to be part of a permanent collection.

The vest was found in a trunk donated to Goodwill in 2006. A local appraisal revealed it likely made by the Blackfoot tribe around 1900-1920.

Seattle Goodwill realized the historical value of this vest and thought it would be most beneficial to the community to donate it to the Burke, said Catherine McConnell, Vice President of Development & Communications for Seattle Goodwill.

Dr. Robin Wright of Burke Museum said the vest would become part of the permanent collection and photos of it would be accessible through the Burke's on-line catalog, in addition to being available to researchers and Native artists who are studying Northern Plains. This is an opportune time for us to expand this collection.

If you have an object you'd like to learn more about, bring it to Burke Museum Artifact ID day on Saturday, February 9th. Dr. Wright and other experts will be available from 1-3:30pm. Visit the Burke Museum website for more information.

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