BOISE -- Seven children were taken to local hospitals for evaluation after a school bus accident in downtown Boise Friday morning.

Paramedics, police, and firefighters were called to 13th and Front streets shortly before noon.

Police say the accident happened after a 72-year-old Emmett woman crashed her Toyota Camry into the back of the bus, jarring the students who mostly received bumps and bruises.

Authorities say the car and bus were both traveling westbound on Front Street when the woman tried to turn left onto 13th Street, but crashed into the back of the bus instead.

Police later cited her for making an improper left turn.

Vallivue School District officials say the bus was transporting a total of 26 students from Sage Valley Middle School who were on a 7th grade field trip to the Discovery Center of Idaho.

Boise Police spokesperson Lynn Hightower said a total of 12 children had to be evaluated by paramedics after the crash.

Everything they've done was obviously a precaution, Hightower said, but these are kids, so they're taking them to the hospital to make sure.

Hightower said of the seven children transported to area hospitals, four were taken to St. Luke's in Boise, while two were taken to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, also in Boise.

One student was reportedly taken to the hospital by a parent.

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