BOISE -- Phone companies aim to lift Idaho's 13-year-old restriction forbidding them from cold-calling existing customers, arguing it's crippling their ability to market high-speed Internet.

But Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is already criticizing the push, arguing residents who joined Idaho's million-number Do Not Call list shouldn't have to fear erosions of their privacy.

Land-line companies Frontier Communications and Century Link are lobbying for the changes during the 2013 session.

Under Idaho's 2000 No-call law that halted most unwanted phone solicitation, most businesses were allowed to continue calling existing customers to sell things.

But phone companies were forbidden.

Today, Frontier and Century Link say they need to call customers to sell new products to stay viable.

Idaho cable communications companies who compete with the telecoms for Internet customers meet this week to discuss the deregulation gambit.

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