BOISE -- Boise-based cyclists are waiting to comment on the most recent Armstrong activities.

Boise is home to two professional cycling teams with some of the countries top riders living and training here.

Boise's golden girl Kristin Armstrong among them.

However, with the recent developments, those pros are also taking a wait and see approach.

KTVB's Ryan Larrondo reached out to a handful of them on Tuesday, and didn't get a response.

Some other interesting news however, stemming from the Lance Armstrong news, BBC news out of England is reporting that cycling could be dropped from the Olympics if the UCI, cycling's governing body, is implicated in a cover up by Armstrong.

Dick Pound, an International Olympic Committee member, told the BBC that the only way to clean the sport up might be to remove it from the Olympics.

Again, this is all preliminary, the Lance Armstrong interview will air until Thursday, and this could have a direct impact on the sport for years, possibly decades to come.

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