BOISE -- Constant freezing temperatures in the Treasure Valley and some below-zero temps overnight are keeping local homeless shelters very busy.

In fact, many of the region's shelters are at capacity this week.

At Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise, the shelter opens every night at 6 p.m. to allow men, women and families with children inside for a place to stay overnight.

With temperatures forecast to dip below zero overnight, the line to get in to the shelter was long Sunday evening.

Operations Director Dan Ault says it's always busy here, but with the cold, there has been a large influx in shelter visitors.

You can get a bunk ... a lot of times hot food during the week, said Charles Smitty Smith, who is staying at the shelter. You do what you gotta do.

Sunday night, Interfaith Sanctuary had about 160 people seeking shelter from the cold.

Shelter workers say they will try to accommodate the crowds the best way they can - by putting out additional mats on the floor for people to sleep on.

When the shelter reaches capacity, as it did Sunday, workers try to refer people to other housing services agencies for help so that no one is out in the cold.

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