BOISE -- Boise welcomed two dozen Japanese student ambassadors Monday night, as part of a cultural exchange program, called the Kizuna Project.

At Centennial High School, students gave a personal presentation about how the disastrous 2011 earthquake/tsunami affected their community and consequently, recovery efforts.

Their visit to Boise is actually phase-two of the Kizuna Project.

Initially an equal number of students from Boise area schools visited Japan earlier this year, and now they get to host their foreign friends.

I didn't know how the kids would react, but they've been so incredibly nice and so kind and really curious to ask what's been going on... So they really wanted to know more and hear about it, said Dale Gerrard who teaches Japanese at Centennial High School.

The idea behind this program is that American and Japanese students will be able to gain a greater understanding of each other's cultures, by providing first hand experiences.

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