BOISE-- Authorities say a driver may have suffered a medical condition before crashing his Jeep into a Boise business Wednesday morning.

The impact destroyed a large portion of the front of The Potting Shed, an interior plant and landscaping store located on the 6200 block of Franklin Avenue.

Nancy Orr was sitting at her desk inside the building at approximately 11:20 a.m. when it happened. Orr says she was doing some paperwork when she saw a metal file cabinet start to shake, and move across the room.

Then, in slow motion, like an explosion came across, and it was scary, Orr said, adding that plants, glass, and other materials exploded across the room.

Orr wasn't injured in the crash, just extremely surprised.

She immediately tried to help the driver of the Jeep, but found his doors were locked. She also noticed that he didn't respond to her, and appeared to be in a medical state.

That's when she called 911.

Boise firefighters say the driver may have experienced a medical emergency before ploughing into the building.

Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo said witnesses report the man was driving somewhat erratically before the accident.

Police say the man suffered non life-threatening injuries, and was taken to a local hospital.

Both eastbound lanes of Franklin Road were shut down as rescuers responded.

Firefighters are currently evaluating the structural integrity of The Potting Shed.

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