BOISE-- Police say a Boise woman with a suspended license was very intoxicated while driving with a child in her car early Sunday morning.

Officers say they were tipped-off to 31-year-old Lisa M. Cresswell's criminal behavior as part of disturbance call just after Midnight. They say officers quickly identified and stopped Cresswell near 22nd Avenue and Anderson Street.

When stopped, Cresswell reportedly failed several field sobriety tests.

Police say it was obvious the 31-year-old Boise woman was driving drunk with a child younger than 5 years-old in the passenger seat.

Cresswell has several other convictions for DUI, making this charge a felony, according to police. They say she also had a suspended license.

Officers performed a blood test on the woman for use as evidence.

Cresswell is currently in the AdaCounty jail charged with felony DUI, misdemeanor injury to child, and misdemeanor driving without privileges.

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