IDAHO CITY -- The Springs in Idaho City is scheduled to open in February after being closed for nearly ten years.

It's the 150th anniversary of the historic attraction -- a favorite getaway for Boise folks.

The hot springs was established before the state of Idaho was established, said Wyatt Sharpley, part-owner of the Springs.

Here, the only thing more historic than the business is the water. It comes from two miles under ground, and Sharpley told KTVB it's cleaner than Perrier.

It's been carbon-dated -- I kid you not -- to 20,000 years old, said Sharpley.

After being closed for about ten years, the springs in almost ready for its rebirth.

That's really the only period over the entire history that this has not been a functioning resort, said Sharpley. And it's taken us a long time to get it back up and running, but it was a lot of work and we're finally opening.

The resort's owners have added a 16-person hot tub and a steam room, and built a brand new building.

Everything that you see around in this building has been sourced locally, from the quarried stone to the local plaster and stucco work, Sharpley said.

They've also redone the springs to be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The building inside is entirely radiant heated with the hot springs water, Sharpley said. And even our air exchangers use the hot springs water to heat incoming air. So the engineers did a quick calculation and they said we're going to save $47,000 a year just in propane cost from using the hot water.

Opening day is February 14th. For more information, check out the The Springs on Facebook.

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