BOISE -- An independent prosecutor says neither Dynamis nor the Ada County board of commissioners committed any crimes while negotiating the construction of a waste-to-energy plant planned at the Hidden Hollow Sanitary Landfill.

But the issue is far from over.

Bannock County Prosecutor Mark L. Hiedeman reviewed the allegations and made the announcement Thursday.

Hiedeman says the investigation centered on whether the Ada County Commission committed wrongdoing by unfairly negotiating with Dynamis employees.

There is no evidence of any commissioner receiving a benefit in exchange for official actions related to the Dynamis contract, Hiedeman said.

However, Hiedeman did say it appeared the commission may have conducted serial meetings, which may fall into a gray area of Idaho law.

Investigation into the matter was led by retired FBI agent Verna Kessler, who was hired by the Ada County Sheriff's Office. In a 6,000 page report by Kessler, Hiedeman says he found several troubling references to some conduct by the Ada County Commission, but nothing rising to the level of criminal misconduct.

Two groups had filed civil lawsuits against Ada County alleging improper conduct by both Dynamis and Ada County. They include Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government and the Idaho Conservation League.

Hiedeman says the lawsuits mean the battle over Dynamis is likely far from over.

They could still come up with something that showed the commissioners acted improperly, Hiedeman said.

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