ONTARIO, Ore. -- Ontario Police say they've gotten a few tips, but still no solid leads in the case of a 78-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted in her home late last week.

Ontario Police first released information about the sexual assault and attempted murder Monday. They've gotten a few calls from the public, but there are still more questions than answers.

Police say a man in his 20s approached the woman's home in the 400 block of NW 9th Street in Ontario around noon Friday. The woman told police the man asked her about doing some yard work. She told the suspect he would need to contact her landlord, and when she went inside her home to get a phone number, the man followed her. Police say he sexually assaulted and attempted to kill the victim.

She was assaulted and choked. And it took awhile for her to be able to physically get to the phone, and at that point she was able to finally call 911, said Ontario Police Chief Mark Alexander.

Alexander says the man left the home and the woman was taken to St. Alphonsus in Ontario. She has since been released and is with family members.

Police are now encouraging the public to be aware of their surroundings.

Just be very cognizance of encounters at the door, said Alexander. Just being aware of people at your door, making sure they don't have the opportunity of getting into your home.

The suspect is described as either a light complected black or dark Hispanic man, estimated to be in his 20s. He is of slender build with dark, short hair. He's between 5'1'' and 5'7 . The suspect has two to three marks on each cheek, similar to freckles.

I can't help but think that somebody out there is going to know who this person is, said Alexander. So that's what we're really interested in is people who have viable information who can back up why they think the person could be a suspect.

Anyone with information on this case can contact the Ontario Police Department at (541) 889-7266 or contact your local law enforcement agency.

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