BOISE -- The official start of winter is nearly two weeks away, but winter weather has already arrived.

More snow fell Saturday night into Sunday morning in the Treasure and Magic Valleys -- and that means slick roads.

A crash Saturday night at the intersection of Linder Road and Chinden Boulevard was a prime example of someone driving too fast for conditions, according to Ada County Sheriff's deputy Juan Tena.

Tena says the rollover crash was the result of a slick road and a young driver who took a turn too fast.

One of the kids fish-tailed, rolled over, and luckily all four juveniles that were inside the vehicle are safe and fine, said Tena.

Tena says, with winter weather upon us, it's time to prepare for those slick roads now. If you have kids, talk to them about safe winter driving.

We would definitely encourage parents to talk to their kids, said Tena. [Tell them] when they're out driving around in these conditions to be extra safe, watch your speed, buckle up, and get home safely.

He adds that those are good, simple tips for anyone, not just young drivers.

Trooper Kenny Walker with Idaho State Police said officers respond to the connector and the interstate for the majority of winter related crashes.

He says, the last couple of days have been very busy for them, and that s because motorists are trying to adapt to that first snowfall.

This year, the speed limit on the connector increased to 60 -- but ISP says that doesn't mean you have to go that fast

With high speeds, you are going to have people who are maybe driving above their abilities, said Trooper Walker. People that are making lane changes and not signaling not giving enough room for people to merge onto the interstate or the connector, so I would definitely say, we see the majority of our crashes on high speed situations, high speed areas.

The Idaho Transportation Department agrees, and recommends that a safe winter trip starts with good preparation. ITD says to keep a safety kit and warm clothes in your car and to check road reports. The department also says a wet road can turn to an icy road if the temperature drops, or if you drive into higher elevations.

For highway cameras and ITD road reports, just call 511, or find them online at the KTVB.COM traffic page.

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