BOISE -- Holiday shopping is now officially underway, and local group wants you to add something extra to your list -- donating to a charitable organization.

The Boise-based Social Good Network is hoping to conveniently combine online buying and online giving this holiday season. The company was founded by two Boiseans: Russ Stoddard and Antonia Chappell.

The process doesn't cost shoppers any extra cash. That's because the participating companies have agreed to donate a portion of the sales to the charity you pick.

Stoddard and Chappell launched the idea about a year ago, and say it's gaining in popularity.

The click of a keyboard is about the only sound inside the downtown Boise office at Social Good Network.However, these clicks are for a cause -- in fact, many causes.

What do these clicks signify?

Local and national non-profits getting much needed donations during a much needed season, Co-founder Russ Stoddard says. This is the giving season; the number one time people reach into their back pocket, open their hearts; so its very very important.

However, it's the process of donating to the Social Good Network that's different than most charities. The network is a website where you can buy your holiday gifts while giving to the charity of your choice for free. Stoddard says, It costs the shopper nothing extra, which is really the beauty of it. So it's a way for everyone to turn their online shopping into a powerful cause tool.

That's because every time you buy an item from one of hundreds of retailers, that store gives a portion of its profit right back to you, to donate. You can then click on whichever organization you'd like to support, and the money goes straight to you.

Co-founder Antonia Chappell says it may just be a few dollars each transaction, but it's adding up to thousands for those right here in our community who could really use the help. She says, I think it's in our human nature to really want to do good, what this does is serves your self interest and does good, so it's a great combination of the two things.

All 1.6 million registered non-profits are listed on the website for donations.

You can also choose to give your own donation on the site.

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