DECLO, Idaho -- Some parents are outraged and children humiliated in Cassia County after a controversial teaching method was used inside a fourth grade classroom.

Some tell us it was supervised bullying. But other parents support the unusual incentive.

It all happened inside a fourth grade classroom at Declo Elementary School on Nov. 5. That's when the superintendent tells us some students were rewarded for their reading achievement by drawing on the faces of those who did not meet certain goals. While some call it motivational, others say it's bullying.

It broke my heart. You want to protect your children, I want to protect all children, said Karla Robinson.

But Robinson says she couldn't protect her two grandchildren from what was done to them inside their school, while their teacher watched and approved.

An incentive that if you make your goal, those kids can write on the faces of those who didn't, said Robinson.

Robinson says her grandkids were two of six children in the class who did not meet the accelerated reading requirement. So their faces were scribbled on in marker, covered from ear to ear, throughout the school day. She was so upset, she wrote a letter expressing her outrage.

In my opinion, it's promoting bullying. Lets everyone know who is not as good as I am, she said.

Cassia County Superintendent Gaylen Smyer was in disbelief when he heard what happened.

It's concerning. Those students, it happened early enough in the day and then those students were not allowed to wash their faces, so it set them apart for the entire day, and I can imagine that some if the other kids made fun of them, or it least drew attention to them in an unwanted way, he said.

But another parent we talked to says what happened was just a form of motivation for the students. She says many parents stand behind the teacher.

While the controversy grows outside the school, some are more concerned about how it has affected the kids inside the classroom.

It was really embarrassing and humiliating to them, said Robinson. I think it's so wrong in so many ways, so wrong.

We requested to speak with the principal and the teacher involved in this incident. We were told they could not comment.

The superintendent tell us the teacher is still in the classroom. He could not comment on whether any disciplinary action was taken, but says the incident is still under investigation.

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