BOISE -- The Idaho Department of Education says local school districts will lose out on over $22 million now that voters have repealed Proposition 3.

Department spokeswoman Melissa McGrath provided some numbers in response to questions we asked at a roundtable on Monday.

She says certain aspects of the Students Come First Law had payouts, that come at different times.

For example, the department distributed a portion of classroom technology money, about $4 million, but more was supposed to go back out to schools in the spring.

Also, $4 million to hire more math and science teachers has been appropriated, but not yet distributed.

Some money has been sent to school districts already based on Students Come First, but most of the money was going to be paid in February, and so that money cannot go out to local school districts because we no longer have the legal authority to distribute it.

There are some additional items the Department of Education is still looking into.

The Legislature increased minimum pay for teachers.

Students are also currently taking early completer courses that individual schools paid for upfront, to be reimbursed later by the Legislature.

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