BOISE -- What's long been an open secret is now official: House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke aims to depose House Speaker Lawerence Denney.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports Bedke is speaking publicly about his aspirations.

This spring, the Republican from Oakley criticized Denney for using a House leadership-controlled fund to finance an effort to unseat incumbent GOP legislators.

Consequently, it became clear Bedke would challenge Denney, a Republican from Midvale, for the House's top job.

But as he gathered support, Bedke declined to speak on the record about his intentions, leaving that to some of his House allies, including Rep. Fred Wood of Burley.

Now, the battle has been taken into the open: Bedke says it's time for Denney to go.

Denney says he'll campaign aggressively to preserve his job.

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