BOISE-- A semi truck filled with frozen potatoes caught fire near Interstate 84 Wednesday morning.

Boise firefighters say the truck's driver pulled into the Port of Entry east of Boise, and then heard a loud pop from under his vehicle.

Fire Captain Shane Lowe says that 'pop' was the axle of the truck likely breaking. Lowe says the damage may have sparked the flames that later destroyed the truck.

It appears that it's mostly full of frozen potatoes -- tater tots, Lowe said. It was intially reported as frozen chicken.

The truck's trailer was completely destroyed by the resulting flames.

Lowe says the sizzling spuds also set fire to shrubbery and nearby signs.

Three people inside a nearby weigh station were evacuated due to the fire.

Three fire trucks and a water tender responded to the Port of Entry, and extinguished the fire.

No one was injured.

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