BOISE -- The Wonacott sisters of Boise are a giving group of young girls.

Mary, Cathleen, Lucy and Teresa recently cut their hair to donate to Locks of Love. The organization takes hair donations, and makes wigs for kids who lose their hair because of cancer or other illnesses. In order to donate to Locks of Love, you need to have at least ten inches of hair to give!

They were all more than happy to make the big cut, for such a good cause.

Think of the person that had to go through all the cancer treatments and stuff, and then finally have a wig that you can put on and make you look normal and have hair, it would probably be a good feeling, and a good feeling for us! said Cathleen Wonacott.

The sisters were originally inspired by their 9-year-old sister Lucy Wonacott. When she was just three years old, she donated her hair for the first time. She's done it three more times since then. Once when she was 5, again at 7 and now 9! Lucy says her hair grows really, really fast.

13-year-old Mary has donated her hair twice, 11-year-old Cathleen has donated it once, and little sister Teresa, just 5-years-old donated for her first time. It was her very first haircut.

All four girls say they will do it again.

Cause we can always grow our hair back, said Cathleen Wonacott.

Their mom, Michelle Wonacott, couldn't be more proud. She says it's now a family tradition.

The idea that you don't have to have money necessarily to help people. You can give of yourself, of your time, or even something like your hair, said Michelle Wonacott.

The sisters say it feels so good to donate hair to such a good cause, more people should do it.

Sometimes when I see people with long hair, I say 'Yeah, they should donate that, you know?' said Cathleen Wonacott

The Wonacott girls say it takes them about two years to grow their hair out to donate. They are already growing their hair out now!

If you're interested in donating to Locks of Love, or learning more about the organization, visit the Locks of Love website.

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