BOISE -- The city of Boise is looking at raises for the mayor and city council. Tuesday was the first reading for the proposed ordinance that would raise salaries for the city council and the mayor --something the mayor's office said is overdue.

Spokesperson Adam Park said they want to raise the salaries to attract good people. To determine how much to increase them, they looked at similar cities such as Austin, Texas; Spokane, Wash.; and Albuquerque, N.M. They also looked at the raises for general city employees over the same period of time.

If the ordinance passes, Mayor Bieter would go from $91,229 to $109,766. City Council members, who work just part-time, would go from $19,375 to $22,135.

Park said growth in the city also shows it's time for raises.
We're starting to see a lot of new activity in Boise, a lot of positive signs, doesn't mean we're out of the water yet, doesn't mean we're at full recovery yet...but we're pointing that direction and we're feeling much more positive, he said.

Mayor Bieter has not received a pay increase since he took office in 2004. Salaries for the city council have not gone up since 2006.

Three of the six current city council members will be up for election before the proposed raises would take effect. Mayor Bieter is not up for re-election until 2015.

The second reading of this proposed ordinance is scheduled for November 13th; the third and final reading is set for November 27th.

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