GARDENCITY-- A controversial topic facing voters in Garden City involves a one-and-a-half mile stretch of the Greenbelt.

While many want the path to remain banned to bikers, others are hoping to repeal the city code.

There are two initiatives on the ballot.

The first one would overturn the current measure and allow bikes on that section of the path.

The second one would create a policy so that no form of non-motorized transportation could be blocked from any part of the Greenbelt in the future.

Mayor John Evans says it's too costly to make the stretch safe for biker, and not needed.

We have a section along the river here where you can take a stroll on a gravel path, don't have to stay in your lane, if you have small kids they can run around on the pathway, said Evans.

They also support the idea of a truly mixed-use Greenblet all the way from Boise to Lucky Peak Dam, that people can access these great amenities no matter how they are travelling, said T.J. Angstman who supports the initiatives.

Evans says fixing that portion of the Greenbelt to accommodate bikers would cost more than $1 million. But those supporting the initiatives disagree, saying the total would be far less.

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