Camas, Wash. A young girl thwarted a burglary at her home, and she did it with no parents at home.

Ten year old Paityn Mock was sick and home from school on Tuesday. Her mother Jenn left for a short time to go get sandwiches at a local sub shop. That s when Paityn heard the doorbell ring. And ring again.

The Mocks had discussed with their two daughters what to do when the doorbell rings if they were home alone. They were not to answer the door, for anyone but their parents or grandmother.

Paityn followed that instruction and called her mother to tell her about it. That's when somebody started to break into the house.

Jenn told Paityn to call 911 and the frightened mother started racing home. Paityn called 911 while hiding in the food pantry. When she peaked out, she saw a strange man in her living room.

I was not like balling, I was just crying, nervous, shaking-- so a little bit of everything, said Paityn.

Paytin says the 911 operator told her to get out of the house if she could. The 10 year old gathered her courage and when the coast was clear, made a run for it.

(I) just ran to the garage and slammed the door and went outside and ran with no shoes on -- so no time for shoes, said Paityn.

The girl hid behind a tree, and soon a deputy and her mother arrived.

I felt so relieved that they were here with me, I was not the only one here to experience it, said Paityn.

The deputy arrested 19-year old Jacob Mattila, who was behind the wheel of a car in the driveway. Investigators believe two other men dropped items they were planning to steal and ran; they are following leads to try to make more arrests.

And Paityn is getting high marks from her mother, for doing the right things and coming through a scary situation safely.

I can t believe that s she was this brave and to keep her calm and composure and run out... it s a good feeling that what we ve trained them to do has worked, said Jenn Mock.

Authorities say if you feel your child is mature enough to be home alone, it s critical you talk to them about what to do to stay safe. That includes what to do if someone calls or rings the doorbell, how and when to call 911, and having an escape plan, if they are in danger.

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