EVERETT, Wash. -- For several years, the Department of Natural Resources has analyzed known slide areas and major storms. Weather experts and the state are testing a system to forecast when a slide is likely.

An Everett home that for the last year and a half has gradually slid down a steep hillside now sits perilously close to falling away completely.

The two-story home perched at the end of Burl Place near Pananview Boulevard overlooks Everett's Valley View neighborhood, but it has now sunk almost completely from view.

Standing on the sidewalk, the roof is barely visible as the hill beneath it gives way in a massive but slow landslide.

It began in March 2011, when heavy rains caused a crack in the hill, putting several homes in jeopardy. At the time, the landslide inched along fairly quickly, causing two homes to partially collapse. Since then, however, it has been a slower decline.

Neighbors haven't lived in the houses since the landslide began and they were deemed uninhabitable.

The Department of Natural Resources and National Weather Service are currently testing a landslide hazard map, providing county-by-county alerts and dangers.

KING5's Lindsay Chamberlain, Jake Whittenberg and Glenn Farley compiled this report

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