CASSIA COUNTY, Idaho -- Officials say a skeleton found near the City of Rocks recreation area on Friday could be the remains of an Idaho woman who's been missing for nearly 24 years.

Sheriff Randy Kidd says skeletal evidence found at the scene leads him to believe the remains could be those of Norine Boyd of Rupert, Idaho.

Boyd went missing on Dec. 20, 1988. Boyd was 29-years-old. She was also the mother of three children.

Hikers found her vehicle three months later at the base of the Twin Sisters formation in the City of Rocks National Reserve. Her crushed sunglasses were on the ground next to her belt.

Family members have long maintained the evidence wasn't properly investigated, and have regularly returned to the site to search for the 29-year-old's body.

Family members say they found the door to her apartment adjar shortly after she went missing. Boyd's purse and other personal items were reportedly inside her residence at the time, leading many to believe she may have left without much preparation.

What's more, Boyd's troubled past, including drugs and depression, led her family to speculate she may have been the victim of violence, or perhaps may have even comitted suicide.

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In 2010, the Rupert Police Department reopened Boyd's case and assigned a retired criminal analyst to continue searching for answers in her disappearance.

Officials say positive identification of the remains is pending DNA and dental records confirmation.

29-year-old Norine Boyd

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