VALE, Oregon -- The trial for two people accused of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder is underway in Vale, Oregon.

Erlene Reger and Todd Mulvaine are two of four people accused in a murder plot to kill Ramon Fry back in February.

Fry, who was 19-years-old at the time, was able to escape after being shot twice. Prosecutors say there was a long, thought-out plan to kill Fry -- the father of the Reger's grandson.

Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris says back on February 29, 2012, there was a one, two, three scenario: one 25 caliber pistol, two home modified, hollow-point bullets, and three pieces of wood placed as a trap on a garage floor. Fry was hit once while bent down to the floor, and once as he tried to escape the garage.

One to the back of the head, and one to the back, and three little pieces of wood, which the evidence will show you that four people used to lower Ramon Fry into what best can be described as his death chamber, Norris said.

Norris says when Ramon Fry went to Lester and Erlene Reger's home to drop off their grandson around noon; the Regers lured Fry to the garage and tricked him into bending down to the floor, putting him in position for a shot to the head. Norris says Lester Reger claimed to have injured his hand with a hammer and had his arm in a sling. Because of the injury, he told Fry he needed help.

He said, 'well I dropped a couple of these little things on the ground, could you reach down there and pick them up?' Fry told detectives after the shooting. So I stooped over and he takes a step toward me and I stop because I knew something was not right. And I feel a quick something on the back of my head and hear this boom! A real loud explosion. Which would be a gunshot.

The D.A. says Todd Mulvaine was a friend of another suspect, John Fritz. Fritz was a close family friend of the Regers. Norris says Mulvaine provided the gun, hollowed out the bullets and wax-tipped them, told Reger how to shoot Fry, and was going to be paid $1,200 to bury Fry's body on his property.

Mulvaine's attorney says the only thing that implicates her client is statements from Fritz, whom she points out, accepted a plea deal.

Mr. Mulvaine didn't do any luring. Mr. Mulvaine, you will hear, hasn't been in the garage. He didn't lure. He hasn't been in the house, defense attorney Janie Burcart said.

Erlene Reger is accused of being in on the plan and helping get Fry into position in the garage. Her attorney says Erlene and Lester Reger had been having marriage problems for years and while living together, the attorney says they were no longer close, just co-existing. He further noted Erlene Reger and Fry certainly had prior problems, but he said things had been getting better the month before the shooting.

She was kept completely in the dark about what was going on in her garage on February 29th, 2012. She was kept completely in the dark about extra-curricular activities that her husband had been engaged in, Erlene Reger's attorney Bob Moon said.

Fry testified in court on Tuesday. Based on opening statements, other evidence will include statements and information from suspect John Fritz, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy earlier this year.

This trial is expected to take 2 weeks. Lester Reger, who is accused of pulling the trigger, is set to go to trial later this year.

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