NEZPERCE, Idaho -- Coming up Sunday, the long-standing rivalry between Boise State and the University of Idaho will be renewed on a little-known battlefield in northern Idaho.

We're not talking football.

Instead, you can expect high consequences, punishing hits, and plenty of strategy ... at the annual combine demolition derby in Nezperce.

That's when the drivers of ten combines will attempt to destroy each other at the Cecil Hill Arena.The rules are reportedly few, with the last combine standing -- so to speak -- taking home the top honor.

Fans should expect to see the small town of just over 500 people swell more than 5 times its normal size for the punishing, 4 hour grudge match.

Here's the highlight:

New for 2012, a custom painted University of Idaho combine will face an equally custom painted Boise State machine.

Combine Demolition Derby Chairman Brian Webster says both combines have stirred up a local rivalry, and the resulting media attention has gone through the roof.

Last year, a group of University of Idaho students decided to produce a U of I themed combine, Webster explained, adding then about two months ago, a couple of Boise State fans got the idea...

As you can imagine, Webster says he's now constantly being asked: 'Who's going to win?'

The mild-mannered machinery salesman told KTVB he doesn't particularly care, since the event raises money for charity.

I don't know who's going to win -- it's all about the show, Webster said.

As an added derby bonus, organizers say grain truck and lawn mower races will entertain fans during the show's intermission.

However, the drivers of those machines will reportedly not attempt to hit each other.

Those who'd like to attend the destructive derby should know the following:

  • What: Nezperce Combine Demolition Derby
  • Who: The public is invited
  • Where: 601 Oak Street Nezperce, Idaho
  • When: Sunday, Sept. 30th 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • How much: $10 per ticket

Photo and video courtesy Jeff Zenner Photography

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