BOISE -- As of Friday evening, there were still tickets left for the Broncos home opener Saturday afternoon. The question is: Will the newly expanded stadium sell-out?

Around 3,500 more seats at Bronco Stadium this season mean of course more tickets to sell, and so far, so good say the ticket officials when it comes to sales.

We've been pretty busy. People are getting excited, said Anita Guerricabeitia, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Operations.

On Friday afternoon, roughly 3,000 individual tickets were still up for grabs, along with 400 season tickets and 100 student tickets. Part of the reason, say Bronco officials, is the newly expanded stadium.

Without the expanded seating, BSU says this game would already be sold out, but with the new seats, tickets should be available up to game time.

We haven't always had the capacity to have that walk up on game day, so it's unique this year because we do have so many more seats in the stadium, said Guerricabeitia.

They add the amount of tickets left 24 hours before game time is a good indicator of a right-sized expansion, not too many new seats, not too few.

I think you want to be to the point where the ticket is hard to get, but I think you still want to pick that magic number for expansion that fits the demographic of where you are and I think we've done a good job with that, said BSU Associate Athletic Director Curt Apsey.

Some other home game opponents have officials equally excited for ticket sales to other games this year, like BYU.

It just depends. Everybody has that team they follow or that team they're excited about. So we're seeing a lot of interest for a lot of the games we have this year, said Guerricabeitia.

In the past two seasons, games have sold out. According to Bronco athletics numbers, the top-ticketed game in 2011 was against Air Force, with TCU just behind that game. In 2010, Oregon State was the top seller.

Will Saturday's game against Miami-Ohio hit the new sell-out hurdle?

It could happen. It's going to be a beautiful day, and Bronco Stadium, it's just such a fun atmosphere. You know I encourage everyone to come out and see it. It's a great family atmosphere, weather's going to be great, said Guerricabeitia.

If you'd still like to grab tickets to the first home game game, it's not too late. The box office opens at 8 a.m. Saturday and you can buy anytime online.

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