GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- The middle school teacher caught on cell phone video wrestling with and harassing a 13-year-old boy has been in trouble with the district before.

John Rosi received a letter of reprimand in 2005 after the Peninsula School District found that Rosi helped students prepare for a WASL exam after he had seen a copy of the test.

Investigators determined Rosi got a copy of the exam the day before his students were scheduled to take it and he reviewed concepts that you knew would be on the test.

Earlier this year, Rosi received a 10-day suspension, without pay, for the incident with the 13-year-old student from Kopachuck Middle School.

Rosi, and the Peninsula School District, are under investigation by the Pierce County Sheriff s Office for possible charges for assault or failing to report the incident.

Rosi has been transferred to another school within the district, Harbor Ridge Middle School.

According to Acting Superintendent Chuck Cuzzetto, a few parents have asked to have their children transferred out of Rosi s math class.

Following the February incident, Rosi wrote an apology letter to the district. He described it as horseplay, but admitted it was inappropriate.

After the 2005 WASL investigation, Rosi wrote a letter to the then-assistant superintendent for learning and teaching.

Rosi wrote, I pride myself on providing students with a safe, ethical, and productive learning environment and will continue to practice this now and in the future.

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