KUNA -- Voters went to the polls in seven school districts Tuesday to make decisions on supplemental levies.

All seven passed.

Jay Hummel, the Kuna Superintendent, said most Idaho school districts now have levies. After a failed levy in 2011, Kuna's two-year school levy passed. Hummel said this levy was three years in the making.

Since there's been significant economic challenges in the country, let alone in this state, we've had to shift how we view funding schools, said Hummel.

This was a larger levy than the district wanted to put on the ballot. Hummel said that shows the way the state of Idaho funds schools. I think it's a direct reflection of the state deciding that they are going to fund schools differently. And so they put the burden back on local our taxpayers.

Kuna taxpayers are not the only ones with a levy.

Nampa voters passed a $1.6 million levy for the next two years.

Voters in the Bruneau-Grand View district passed a levy that will add back bus routes that they were forced to cut. The district had a meeting Wednesday night to rework their budget since the levy passed.

Homedale, Notus, and Wilder also passed levies.

Hummel said it wasn't an easy decision to ask voters to pass another levy. Either educationally we had to hurt children and their futures and our communities future, through having strong schools, or we had to tax our taxpayers at a time that frankly they are not able to sustain increased taxes.

We are in an economic crunch and any penny counts, and so for those that voted 'no', I hear where you're coming from, said Kuna High School teacher Laurie Weatherby.

Weatherby is also the parent of a student in the Kuna district.

Try to look beyond the checkbook and look into the big future, because those kids are going to be our future, said Weatherby.

Kuna's levy is a two-year levy, but Superintendent Hummel said it should sustain the district for three years. After that, he said they may have to turn back to taxpayers with another levy. Hummel said this is the fourth supplemental levy he's seen in Kuna in 31 years.

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