PINE, Idaho -- One week ago Tuesday, homeowners in Featherville were told the Trinity Ridge Fire would eventually reach town.

A week later the fire still isn't there but it is growing and inching closer to town each day. It is now almost 95,000 acres.

On Tuesday, firefighters started the first parts of their plan.

Things are changing on the fire line.

We are ready to engage it, said Rich Harvey, incident commander.

Firefighters started their day under a layer of smoke.

The biggest challenge for us was getting good visibility for us to fly in, to be able to launch ships from. It has been socked in every morning and this morning it was probably the worst that we'd seen, said fire specialist Rodger Ozburn.

When the smoke cleared crews knew the fire would start making its move. The smoke has kept it from growing too quickly.

It is not tight enough to smother it out but it has been keeping enough oxygen out of there and keeping enough heat out of there that it is just crawling, said Harvey.

In the afternoon the smoke cleared and firefighters started the first steps of their plan.

A lot of people are anxious they are waiting and that is really hard, said fire information officer Lisa Machnik.

Firefighters hope the fires they started will bring the Trinity Ridge Fire closer to town so they can start their attack.

We are still in a waiting game, Machnik said.

But while crews have been waiting they have been working hard.

Right now we have more than nine miles of hose laid in Featherville and over 40 pumps, and I don't even know how many water jugs, said Machnik.

When the Trinity Ridge Fire gets to town, firefighters say they'll be more than ready.

They've done some incredible work, praised Machnik.

A thunderstorm passed over the area Tuesday, which made some parts of the fire more active, but the rain actually slowed down growth in other areas. That is still not enough to make a big difference, because firefighters say they would need about a half inch of rain for three days to stop the fire.

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