BOISE -- Did you know in the 22 years the Albertsons Boise Open has been in existence it has raised over $13 million for local charities?

They will top $14 million in September, when the tournament comes back for the 23rd year.

So when the latest change of guard happened last month at Supervalu (The parent company of Albertsons) many wondered if the new chief would feel the same way the previous CEO's of the company has about the open.

KTVB's Mark Johnson asked Boise Open promoter Jeff Sanders, if there is any concern about Wayne Sales re-committing Supervalu's sponsorship.

...I have not met Wayne Sales...I know he has been on a fast track. But, I know he is coming to the tournament, he will be in the tournament, he is part of the tournament and play in the pro-am so I'm optimistic about Wayne Sales, Sanders says.

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